Tommi Abueg

My name is Tommi, and I am based in Riverside CA. In all of my art forms, I seek to invoke the senses of imagination. Rather than spelling everything out, I guide the viewers to interpret their own personal meaning. I am an award-winning photographer and videographer winning multiple awards at the Riverside Film Festival, RMSP Photography Contest, RCOE Fresh Film Festival, Short Films Matter, and the Directing Change Contest. You can reach me via Instagram: @Tommi_Abueg or my website:

Jeremiah Fishell

Born and raised in Riverside, California, Jeremiah Fishell has always had an eye for capturing life's important moments through his lens. Jeremiah has over fifteen years of experience as a professional photographer specializing in natural light photography. His street and travel photos have appeared in various magazines and galleries across the Inland Empire. When he is not working, Jeremiah enjoys camping and exploring new places with his family by his side.

Dana Black

I started truly exploring the world of photography within the last two years. As I brought my camera with me to more and more events I realized the joy capturing candid moments brought me. I experimented with sports photography as my first niche. I saw improvement in how I learned to capture moments of excitement, adrenaline, and competition. Aside from sports, I also shoot creative, and portraiture work as I hope to be successful in the world of photography and graphic design as my full time profession.